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An Enchanted Christmas is Premier Dance Academy's Christmas Show production with
  • original choreography by Kattie Brewer, Stephanie Riley, and Hannah Christmas,
  • original music by Daniel Dowling,
  • original script by Trent Hargrave,
  • original music mixes by Chris Bravo, and
  • original artwork by Kayla Jackson and Matthew Jones.

2016 Performance

Saturday, December 10th
7:00 p.m.
Marie Spence Flickinger Fine Arts Center
San Jacinto College South Campus
13735 Beamer Road
Houston, TX 77089

Tickets $10

"Enchanted Christmas" pre-show by Premier and Hip Hop Companies with Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, and Jr Jazz Performing Groups
Matthew Jones

After quarrelling over a very special cupcake at a slumber party, a shared magical dream between friends finds them peering in on a curious tale. In the Land of Sweet Dreams, in the Kingdom of Enchantment, two Sister- Princesses, Noelle and Missy Sweetz, squabble over the special cupcake, a sweet treat meant to be shared, before angrily going their separate ways to cool off. Sent by the evil Queen from the Tart Kingdom, Pop and Tart, enter the Enchanted Kingdom. They offer the still fuming Missy Sweetz a cupcake made especially for her, and with one bite of the deviously sour treat she's turned into an evil Tart herself!

Worried for her sister, the benevolent Noelle sends her sister's friends to find her. Santa will be returning to the Enchanted Kingdom with gifts soon, and she wouldn't want her sister to miss out even if they did have a little argument. But when Missy returns to the Kingdom, it is easy to tell something is wrong. With the curse of the tart cupcake growing ever stronger, Missy Sweetz announces she will have the kingdom to herself, with or without her dear sister!

While still distraught by her sister's betrayal, Pop and Tart make their move once more, offering Noelle a special cupcake meant just for her. Before she can take a single bite, Pastry, the Kingdom's baker stops her. She knows exactly what is causing Missy Sweetz to act so strangely, and more importantly, how to cure her! All she needs is something “especially” sweet!

Producing several cupcakes, Pastry presents them only to be refused! But Noelle knows one cupcake her sister can't decline, the very same one they'd fought over only that morning! It doesn't take much coaxing then, and with a single bite Missy Sweetz is returned to her former sweet self. Infuriated, The Tart Queen with Pop and Tart, leaves the Kingdom of Enchantment for good. In the waking world, the friends find they'd all shared the strange dream, and it's plain for them to see how silly it was to fight over something so small.

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